Welsh Eyecare Service (WECS)

Welsh eye Health examination

Since 2002 in Wales it has been possible to have an extended eye health examination free of charge if you are in an “at risk” group. This service is funded by the Welsh Assembly.

These groups are:

  • Risk of eye disease by reason of race or family history
  • Anyone who would find losing their sight in one eye disabling, such as the profoundly deaf or people with Uniocular vision.

If required, drops are administered to the eyes to make the pupils larger (dilation) enabling the optometrist to have a clearer view of any potential problems with the health of your eyes. A range of other thorough tests will be performed.

If you think you are in one of these groups, do not hesitate to ring our receptionist to book an appointment for your eye health check.

Primary eyecare acute referral system (PEARS) with WECS.

If you have an eye emergency e.g. sudden loss of vision, painful, red or sore eyes, where do you go? Most people would go to their G.P. However, at Ernest Opticians we are able to evaluate these conditions by offering our ‘same day’ emergency appointment system with the examination conducted by our WECS accredited optometrist.

Our accredited optometrist will assess the emergency and advise the best course of action, this may be treating the problem in the practice or referring to the relevant specialist. Follow up appointments are advised where necessary.

If you live in Wales or are registered with a GP practising in Wales, then you are entitled to a Welsh Assembly funded assessment.